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Career guidance and counseling programs help individuals acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to identify options, explore alternatives and succeed in society. These programs better prepare individuals for the changing workplace of the 21st century by its comprehensive, developmental program designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. A career guidance and counseling program develops an individual’s competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration, and career planning.

Some of the services we provide during career counseling may include:

Understanding Students’ requirements

At Future Shapers we comprehend and investigate the career requirement of the students. We provide professional support and assist students in organizing their opinions and ideas about career options and professional objectives.

Selecting the University

Students looking for postgraduate and doctorate level studies from abroad should select the universities having worldwide recognition and that are offering excellent education. At Future Shapers we help students to take their final call on the selection of the right university.

Admission Processing

At Future Shapers we assist students in filling up the admission form, getting financials ready and all the documentation and in applying for visa. The counselors help students at every step to make them realize their dream of studying abroad successful.

Working in a foreign country spruces up your CV like nothing else will. It shows that you are bold and courageous and that you like a challenge. These are all qualities that employers love to see because they are the traits that make companies thrive and grow! Besides getting great work experience, you may also learn a language or some new interesting hobbies you never thought of before. You’ll also expand your worldview and make friends around the globe.

If you are searching for a new full-time or part-time job in the private or public sector, or if you are returning to work after raising your family, Service Canada can help. There are a number of tools available to help you search job listings, create a résumé, choose a career, and assess your skills.


  • Future Shapers can help you get started on your Job Hunt while you are still in your Home country.
  • The best part of this service is that we send your resumes to employers who are looking for people with your profile.
  • Our service costs are minimal and you can be assured that your resume is received by hundreds of employers and placement agencies – while you do nothing yourself. You sit back and get on with your routine while your profile is consistently marketed by our Job Search Services team.
  • When an employer is interested in your resume, you get an email directly in your inbox. A great option for the busy professional who doesn’t have the time to actively market himself!
  • Future Shapers uses state of the art technology and experienced HR professionals whose sole aim is to send out your resume to matching jobs and employers.

Imagine how would it be if you could express the way you always wanted, become totally charismatic and gain respect of all people you come across. What would it be like if you are free from money problems, relationship problems, health problems and having the life of your dreams. We do provide a good learner of teamwork and leadership quality.
We have spent last 6 years designing and developing this highly trans formative complete personality development program that will change your life forever.

What you are learning in this course:

» Irresistibly Influential Communication Skills
» Body Language, Conversation & Etiquette
» Ultimate Time Management Strategies
» Goal Setting
» Presentation Skills
» How to handle criticism
» Interview Skills
» Team Building
» Group Discussion
» Leadership Skills
» Develop Confidence
» Master Your Mind
» Relationship & Persuasion Skills
» Stress Management
» Work Life Balance
» Decision Making Skills
» Talent Development Strategies
» Emotional Intelligence

Going away from home even for a day or so is always tough and imagine how it would feel when you have to travel abroad and that too all alone for years. we understand the students’ and their parents’ anxiety and make students’ journey quite comfortable and safe. When we talk about travelling assistance we are not just talking about flight tickets from native land to the foreign land or desired country but also travel from the airport to place where the students will be staying or if the stay is in hostel of the university campus.

we take every possible effort to make a student’s journey from their native country to the foreign country of their choice as seamless as possible. We guide them with travel tips and also assist with any airline bookings. This valuable service is provided free of cost.

We takes the responsibility to book flights well in advance to help students get ideal departure dates, routes and that too at an affordable discounted rate. We also assist students in identifying the best airlines for heavy baggage schemes. There are a number of international airlines that offer special discounts for students of which we are aware of and thus we suggest the names of these airlines to the students. We have a separate vertical that handles international travel and the team at Future Shapers assists students in getting the best deal in airfares and baggage.

We also have tie-ups with travel agencies that offer the most favourable airline services, at the most reasonable rates. Similarly, we also have tie-ups with taxi service providers abroad to guarantee smooth travel from airport to the place of their stay or to the university campus. We also provide students with local maps that students can study to get familiar to local areas and roads along with a handbook of emergency contacts that can be used at the hour of need.
Pre-Departure(Onshore) Guidance and Post Landing(Offshore) Assistance

Every student goes through feelings of leaving the comfort of home before taking his flight abroad for education. Therefore, at Future Shapers the counselors are sensitive towards this situation and we provide all the assistance and appropriate set of information that will help students in their airport pickups, accommodation arrangements, handling queries at the port of entry, migration, travel and in their settlement abroad. We are available to help over email or phone even if a student feels uncomfortable after reaching and needs assistance.

At Future Shapers organize pre departure training sessions for the students. It has been observed that majority of students traveling abroad face hassles while airports, transit, landing, luggage etc. We at Future Shapers explain each and every aspect of pre-departure to the student. At Future Shapers we have references of the students worldwide.

After Reaching we give guidance related to Homestay or rentals along with Bank Account opening other formalities Infact finding a job is also a big task for newcomer so we have solutions which can help students to choose the right option which includes making a good resume and getting a good job.

Finding student accommodation that is comfortable, secure and suits your needs is a hugely important part of the experience of studying abroad. Wherever you choose to study with Future Shapers, we provide a range of great-value accommodation options, designed specifically for international students. Halls of residence are our most popular options. These stylish, high-quality residences have on-site staff to provide total security, and ensure that you feel completely safe throughout your stay. In selected locations, we also offer other accommodation for students – homestay and student houses.

Homestay – live with a local host, in their home. Ideal for students who wish to develop their English language skills.

Student houses – private homes, managed by Kaplan. A range of bedroom types and single-gender house options are available.